Pianist and composer Genevieve Birchman is influenced by a wide variety of music including classical, jazz, and pop. She teaches piano privately in Los Angeles, is a member of Music Teachers' Association of California (MTAC), and is passionate about giving the gift of music to the next generation. 


  Genevieve received her B.A. in music composition from Occidental College, studied abroad at York University in England, and received the Elinor Remick Warren Award upon graduation for composition.   

  This past year she released her self-titled solo EP with Grammy winning producer Robert Eibach.  "I always enjoy working with Genevieve because she brings a passion to her performance that really connects the listener with her lyrics," Eibach said.  The EP features Both of Us and Runaway.  Both of Us was awarded in the semi-finals in the singer-songwriter category of the International Songwriting Competition.  Runaway is the theme song to the recently released romantic comedy Cassanova Was a Woman.   


  Birchman's unique writing style captures moments and memories, as well as her urge to travel and experience more of life and what is out there beyond time and space. It's an EP of adventures and experiences. Her songs also talk of "coming home" and how she "learned there are places you just don't go."